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🪻It’s Almost Spring!! – Self-Care Ideas

🧺Self-Care Ideas for Spring

I love spring! I get so excited when I see daffodils blooming because I know warm weather and sunshine are coming soon and I can spend time outside again. I love all the colors in the flowers blooming. What’s your favorite season?

Here are some cozy self-care ideas for spring:

🚶🏿Go For a Walk

Just get up and move. You won’t be sorry you did. It doesn’t have to be a big sweaty mess; you can just take a slow walk in the park or down the street. Enjoy the flowers, birds, and sunshine.

If you want to walk at home, check out Leslie Sansone’s videos. I just love walking with her.

📖Read Outside

Find a quiet spot outside to read a book or magazine. Let the fresh air and natural surroundings enhance your reading experience.

Check out this post about ways to enjoy reading outside.

Dos and Don’ts for Reading Outside

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🧺Have a Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and enjoy a meal outdoors. Bring a blanket to sit on and soak up the sunshine.

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🫧Spring Cleaning

Declutter and organize your living space to create a sense of calm and renewal. Donate items you no longer need to charity.

So, this is my least favorite suggestion. What if everything brings me joy??? I’m definitely not a minimalist. However, the other day I did go through some things and it did make me feel better.

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Get your hands dirty and plant some flowers or herbs in your garden or pots. Gardening can be therapeutic and rewarding. If you don’t have a green thumb, start with something easy like sunflowers. Plant them in egg cartons inside and when they start to grow, transfer them outside. There’s nothing wrong with buying plants and bringing them home and planting them. You don’t need to start everything from seed.

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🫱🏻‍🫲🏽Update your Skincare Routine for Spring

If you’re like me, you have dry winter skin and sometimes eczema. When spring comes, I change up my skincare routine a bit as my skin is not as dry and itchy. For some all-natural skincare ideas, you might like my post: All-Natural Skincare Challenge.

Have a look at my article on Wellbeing Magazine – Cleanse and Hydrate your Face Naturally.

💅🏻Give Yourself a Manicure

So, I love creating and colors and never really found the nail polish colors I wanted, so I started making them. Maybe someday soon I’ll post about that. Anyway, this week I made some spring colors. The first one I call Frosted Rose. You can check it out on my website or just get a pretty color at your local pharmacy.

35 Shockingly Easy Nail Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

⚽Exercise Outside

Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather while it lasts. Take a walk in the park or just bring your hand weights outside while you watch your kids play. Or better yet, weed the garden or plant something. Another idea is to practice yoga outdoors to connect with nature and rejuvenate your body and mind. Many parks offer free or donation-based yoga classes.

Warm Weather Workouts: 13 Outdoor Workout Ideas

Outdoor Exercise Can Boost the Mind, Body, and Mood

🍽️Al Fresco Dining

Have dinner or snack outside on your patio or balcony before all the bugs come out. Set up a cozy seating area with cushions and candles for ambiance. If you’re like me and get bitten up by the bugs, check out this post to help keep them away.

What is Al Fresco Dining?

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💮Create Something

Get creative with spring-themed art and craft projects. Paint flowerpots or try your hand at nature-inspired crafts. The thing that I saw that I want to try is to decoupage a shell and paint the edges and make it into a pretty dish for rings or what have you. I also saw a tutorial on making a tote bag with a t-shirt that I want to try.

Cassandra Evans makes beautiful things with dried plants and flowers. Her pictures are also beautiful and inspiring.

25 Beautiful Flower Crafts for Spring

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👌🏾Be Grateful and Practice Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness outdoors to center yourself and appreciate the beauty of spring.

I’ve tried journaling and it just doesn’t work for me. I just can’t make myself do it. But you can be grateful without a journal. The key is to find what works for your personality and lifestyle. In the article below there are some great ideas.

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🪴Take Care of Your Houseplants

If you don’t have a houseplant, you should get one!

22 Indoor Flowering Plants That Will Make Your Home Feel Happier

In my opinion, plants are a great cozy self-care item. They help you reduce stress and make you happy. Pothos are one of the easiest plants to grow.  I have a neon pothos and a golden pothos and I love them. I especially love the bright green color of the neon. Some people think they’re boring because they are everywhere, but they are very easy to take care of.  They like medium to bright light.  Water when the top of the soil feels dry.

Here are some suggestions on how to take care of your houseplants and what to do in the spring:

How and When to Repot Houseplants: A Repotting Plant Guide

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