Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook

Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook is a series on how to make your own personalized skincare. 

This series is for those who want to take control of their skincare and confidently create all natural products that work with their skin type and alleviate any skin issues without breaking the bank.

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Would you like to learn how taking a bath can help to support your health and relaxation?
Would you like to develop a beneficial and relaxing self-care routine?

Discover the benefits of a warm bath and recipes you can use to help with ailments such as cold and flu, period discomfort, and aches and pains and how they are good for stress and anxiety. Learn about ingredients (oils, essential oils, salts, clays and other ingredients) that you can use that are great for your skin and relaxing to use in the bath. Included are recipes for items such as bath bombs, bath milks, bath salts, bath teas, bath creamers, scrubs, and instructions for rose water and orange peel powder.

Included in this workshop edition are the book The Cozy Bath, workbook pages and videos to watch.

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This planner is meant to be used with Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook.  It includes a blank calendar to keep track of your creations, to do lists, sheets to keep track of your favorite ingredients, blends and infusions, inventory sheets, recipe blanks, and notes pages.


Download it here from ko-fi

This book was designed to go with my book Skincare for Relaxation; however, you could use it with any of them. My goal with this workbook is to help you create your own self-care routine, whether you use it once a week or every day. Record which ingredients that are good for your skin, your favorite oil blends, goals, notes, and your favorite recipes. 

Page 2 – All about your skin 

Page 12 – Hair Care 

Page 21 – My essential oil blends Page 26 – Aromatherapy 

Page 32 – Bath routine and recipes 

Page 43 – My skincare routine and recipes


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Taking care of yourself is of utmost importance and this Self-Care Notebook will be your daily reminder to keep up those good self-care habits and help you record all of the good things in life. It will help you plan activities and keep track of the ones you’ve done.

Inside this 8×10 color softcover journal, you’ll find:
-12 blank calendars for you to schedule your self-care activities.
-52 weeks of self-care checklists to keep track of daily activities.
-A place to record your highlight of the day, so you can look back at all the wonderful things that have happened that you can be thankful for when you are in a not-so-great mood.
-A place to daily record the things that you are grateful for.
-A reading log to record the books that you have read.
-A one year Bible reading plan.
-Notes pages
-A place to write your favorite Playlist.
-Habit trackers to make sure you do all those things you need to accomplish.
– Water trackers to make sure you’re hydrated.
-Sleep trackers.
-Pages to record your morning and evening routine.
-Pages to record your skincare routine.