Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook

Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook is a series on how to make your own personalized skincare. 

This series is for those who want to take control of their skincare and confidently create all natural products that work with their skin type and alleviate any skin issues without breaking the bank.

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Would you like to learn how taking a bath can help to support your health and relaxation?

Would you like to develop a beneficial and relaxing self-care routine?

Discover the benefits of a warm bath and recipes you can use to help with ailments such as cold and flu, period discomfort, and aches and pains and how they are good for stress and anxiety. Learn about ingredients (oils, essential oils, salts, clays and other ingredients) that you can use that are great for your skin and relaxing to use in the bath. Included are recipes for items such as bath bombs, bath milks, bath salts, bath teas, bath creamers, scrubs, and instructions for rose water and orange peel powder. 

Included in this workshop edition are videos and a link to my exclusive Facebook group where you can ask the author questions and have discussions and share with others who have purchased the book